lkVCDxBuild is intened to be used by end-users.
All 'normal' loggings will be sent to 'stdout', all errors (which makes the application to terminate) are sent to 'stderr'. Because 'stdout' and 'stderr' are both directed to the console, this won't matter much for the end-user.
Any parameter must be entered as parameter when calling the application.


The package comes in 1 release a time.

The release-file contains :

Note : The DTD-file is delivred for informational only, it is NOT required in order to run lkVCDxBuild.
lkVCDxBuild has the DTD internally linked, so you even won't need an Internet connection in order to run the application.

If you want to have the sources, you should download the general sources of lkVCDimager, which contains the sources of lkVCDxBuild as a seperate project.
lkVCDxBuild uses the same internal libraries as which lkVCDimager does.


Parameters are entered using a - or a / precedence.
Sub-Parameters, which are parameters of main parameters, musn't have a preceding code (otherwise they would be recognised as being a main-parameter), but they must be seperated using a 'space' from its main-parameter.
Each option/parameter must have a space as seperator between each other.
Some options require you to enter a sub-parameter, but most don't.

     lkVCDxBuild [< - | / >option] [sub-parameter] [...]

     lkvcdxbuild [/?] | [-h] | [/help] | [/u] | [-usage]
     lkvcdxbuild [-V] | [/version]
     lkvcdxbuild </x <PATH>> [-i <tocimg | cuebin | nrg>] [/c <PATH>] [-bin-file <PATH>]
         [/sector-2336] [-p] [/gui] [/v <1 | 2 | 3>]

If you don't enter a path for the bin-file (when creating a 'cuebin'-image), or a base for the image-file (if you're creating a 'tocimg' image), the application will use the base for the bin- or img- file using the base from the cue- or toc-file.

So if you entered for the cuefile D:\VCD\image.cue but you didn't enter a path for the bin-file, lkVCDxBuild will use D:\VCD\image.bin for the binary file.

Know that if you enter a base for the IMG-file (when creating a 'tocimg'-image), that this actually is a full path without extension.
If you entered for the TOC-file F:\VCDimages\image.toc and for the IMG-file cdrdaoImg, then lkVCDxBuild will write the TOC into F:\VCDimages, but the IMG into the directory wherever you started lkVCDxBuild !
So it's strongly recomended to add a path to the ImgBase as well.

NB: Know, if you use cdrDao to write the cue/bin- or toc/img-images, cdrDao uses the following limitations :

Return Codes

lkVCDxBuild returns the following errorlevels :

0 : successfull operation
1 : an error occured in either the libvcd, vcdxml or libxml2 libraries, or wrong parameters were entered.
2 : something wend wrong, resulting in memory leaks
Starting from rel., this only would occur very rarely!
3 : Fatal Error: MFC initialization failed.


As already described under 'Usage', lkVCDxBuild requires you to enter the main parameters using a precedence using a - or / char. Each parameter and/or option must be seperated using a space.
Parameters are case in-sensitive, except the V parameter, which is used for the version.

Parameter Sub-Parameter   Explanation
x <PATH> : specify xml-input file to use
i <TYPE> : specify image type for output, possible values:
cuebin | bincue, tocimg | imgtoc, nrg (default: cuebin).
c <PATH> : specify file for output (default: .\videocd.cue)
use this also for your toc-file.
When a NRG file will be generated, this parameter is ignored.
b <PATH> : specify file for output (default: .\videocd.bin)
use this also for your imgbase (incl. full-path, without extension).
use this also for your NRG file.
s   : use 2336-aligned sectors in the image-file.
(ignored with NRG, while NRG always is 2336-aligned).
p   : show progress
v [LEVEL] : be verbose : 1 = Normal, 2 = Debug, 3 = Silent
level 3 only shows critical messages and warnings
(default: level 1)
v is case-sensitive!!, if you entered V something completely different will be done (see at Version)
g   : enable GUI mode
V   : display version and copyright information and exit
V is case-sensitive!!, if you entered v something completely different will be done (see at verbose)
?   : show help message (with all usable parameters)
u   : display brief usage message

     lkVCDxBuild -x "F:\xml\Your XML file.xml" -i imgtoc -c D:\test.toc -b F:\img\test -v 2
     lkVCDxBuild /xml c:\temp\tempory.xml /i nrg /b D:\img\nero.nrg /p /g
     lkVCDxBuild -V (display version information)
     lkVCDxBuild /? (show help)

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