Custom Files

Custom files/directories are files/directories you enter in the root of the (S)VCD and/or in 1 or more directories which doesn't comply according the (S)VCD specification.
For a list of the folders which comply according the (S)VCD specifications, see the Overview-page.


Custom Files and/or Directories are added via the XML-file, which is used to enter the videocd parameters to lkVCDxBuild.
lkVCDxBuild uses an updated version of the original 'videocd.dtd' from VCDxBuild by 'HvR'. It's now allowed to add custom files, without the need for specifying a _NAME_ for it.
So following syntax in your XML would be correct :

    <file src="F:\My Best HouseMusic\Dive Into The Dance Zone 1\04_Sash! - Ecuador.mp3">
   <file src="F:\test_long.xml"/>

In this example the base folder "Sources" will be written 'as is', using an uppercase first character and all other chars would be in lowercase.
In Sources would be a subfolder created, having the name "Dive_Into_The_Dance_Zone_1" using the case of each character as given 'as is'.
In this subfolder, a custom file (here the Sash-mp3) would be written. Because the original name contains non_d-chars ('!' and the spaces), it's required to enter a new name for it by yourself.
In the base folder ('Sources'), a file would be written named "test_long.xml". Because the name of the source at disk is d-chars compliant and is less than 31chars, I changed the DTD to allow these declarations in the XML in which you may skip a declaration for a _NAME_ attribute.
If you skips a _NAME_ attribute and it seems the source-name of the file is _not_ d-chars compliant or exceeds the 31chars limit, an error will be generated and the program will be terminated.
A copy of the updated version 'videocd.dtd' is added to the distribution file of this release, but is _NOT_ required in order to run 'lkVCDxBuild' (so you don't need to extract it from the zip).

FileSources with <strange> characters

While lkVCDxBuild only works using an XML file, which is processed by libxml2, it is possible that some characters won't be accepted by libxml2.
I've done some tests with this and it seems that libxml2 accepts all characters (which came up in my mind), which are also allowed by the command-interpreter of win32, accept for 1 character, the ampersant : &.

Let me explain it with an example.
If you had a MPeG-stream, that you would like to add to your (S)VCD as a Sequence (sequences are the actual movies) : M:\Video\Dalziel&Pascoe\Above the law.mpg
In XML this would look like :

  <sequence-item src="M:\Video\Dalziel&Pascoe\Above the law.mpg" id="seq-dp"/>

libxml2 would then explain with following message, leading lkVCDxBuild to terminate with an error.

 xmlParseEntityRef: expecting ';'
 <sequence-item src="M:\Video\Dalziel&Pascoe\Above the law.mpg" id="seq-dp"/>

You can solve this by replacing the & character by &amp;
As you can see in following - corrected - example.

  <sequence-item src="M:\Video\Dalziel&amp;Pascoe\Above the law.mpg" id="seq-dp"/>

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